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A Quick Guide To Passing The Bar Exam In Just One Take

Have you noticed how some just seem to breeze into the bar exams and succeed with one take, but others cannot get past? With that milestone looming, you could be asking yourself whether you belong to the first group or the latter. The question is something which you and many others have asked themselves, but the answer is something you alone can decide for yourself. The bar exam is a tough hurdle to face, but many just like you have taken it on and achieved success. Here are some quick points to learn in order to succeed in your endeavor.

Consider the following points when preparing for that bar exam:

1. Devote your time to studying for the bar. The bar exam is no picnic, as many have found out before you, so do everything you can to be able to devote your efforts, if not solely, but largely, on preparing for this event. Nothing must keep you from giving it your sole attention.

So if you wish to achieve the same, take time off from your job and give your exam preparation the focus it deserves. Work part time to give yourself enough lee way for a considerable review. Readjust your daily activities to give more time to learn what you need to succeed. For your plan to succeed, it would be best to involve your family members and friends as well as people you work with because they are the ones who can best help you find the time and space to concentrate on your review.

For a lot of successful bar takers, taking around two to three months off from distractions have yielded great results in terms of passing. So in short, if you wish to pass this exam, do as many have done before you: take a break to review.

(2) Create your personalized plan of study and review. Make sure to compute enough time for you to be able to finish studying the review material. Planning it and plotting your schedule will help you to see exactly how much time you have to put aside for every topic to cover and helps avoid the fear and worry that cramming usually brings with it. You do not study overnight for the bar. Make a list of what needs to be covered. Assign time for every topic so nothing is missed, plotting this over the days that you intend to devote for studying.

Think through your review plans and map out the best strategy that will allow you the concentration you need.

Think about where you can study most effectively and include that in your plan. There are those who like to listen to some music while studying, so if you are one of those, include this in your plans. Whatever it is that can help you study better, then do it. Stay in a place which feels to you the most conducive for your study efforts.

3. Schedule break periods. While the exam preparation for the bar is quite challenging, it is also important that you take time off from studying to help your brain relax. Recharging your brain as well as your body can be achieved in short breaks in between study periods, and can be quite advantageous in the long run as it prevents the brain from crashing from too much information.

Taking a real break can be difficult for those who have parenting duties to consider. Relaxation periods are not opportunities to pick up on your chores and the like. If this is the case with you, you need to plan for this beforehand and have someone else take care of that, because a break is supposed to be an opportunity to be stress free. To be able to give time for family, do factor in a day without study and spend it with your kids or your family, maybe some quiet time with them, perhaps a movie night.

4. Exercise should be on your schedule. A lot of people believe that exercise can only make you fatigued and adds to the stress of the daily study regimen. However, it is the opposite which is actually true in that exercise instead revitalizes the brain by allowing oxygen to flow into it, giving it a boost. Whenever the body is exercised, the brain is allowed to organize itself and to absorb what it has studied, a crucial step before taking on some more material.

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